ames FZCO
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Capabilities of AMES-FZCO

A large fleet coverage in the Middle East region:

Airbus Nacelles A320neo/ceo: LEAP-1A&CFM56-5B
A330neo/ceo: TRENT 7000, TRENT 700 & CF6-80E
A340: Trent 500 & CFM56-5C
A380: Trent 900 & GP7200
Radomes A320neo/ceo • A330neo/ceo • A380
Boeing Nacelles 737: CFM56-7B
777: GE90-94 / -115
Radomes 737 • 787 • 777
Fan Stator
Preventive Maintenance Inspections (PMI) & associated repairs
Embraer Nacelles ERJ 170 / 175: CF34-8E
Airframe Related Components: Winglets, Composite Flight Controls

AMES MRO Facility is approved by:
European Aviation Safety Agency EASA
Federal Administration Agency FAA
General Civil Aviation Authority GCAA - UAE

Capability List extract provided for information. The Capability List approved by the relevant Authorities can be presented upon request at AMES facility.